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This page contains all the names of crew members that have been found so far. If you can add to the information please contact me.


Crew of HMS Gleaner - date unknown

Lt.Cdr. Hugh Percival Price, RN
DSO awarded on 24 April 1940
7 May 1937 February 1941
Lt.Cdr. Karl Eric Oom, RAN February 1941 December 1941
Lt.Cdr. Evelyn David John Abbot, RN December 1941 ?
Lt. J.O.L. Shelton, RN ? 10 April 1942
Lt.Cdr. Frank Joseph George Hewitt, DSC, RN
Bar to DSC awarded on 15 June 1943
10 April 1942 29 September 1944
T/A/Lt.Cdr. Harold Graham King, RNVR
DSC awarded on 22 December 1944
29 September 1944 16 July 1945
A/Lt.Cdr. John Andrew Pearson, DSC and Bar, RNR 16 July 1945 -


HMS Gleaner messdeck Lt Commander F J T Hewitt, HMS Gleaner

CPO's Messdeck - HMS Gleaner (IWM A18564) & Lt Commander F J T Hewitt 6th August 1943 (IWM 18559)

Coxswain S J Vingoe - HMS Gleaner

Coxswain S J Vingoe, Up Spirits. 6.8.43 (IWM A18563)

Members of the Crew of HMS Gleaner







Abbot Evelyn David John Lt Cdr   12.41 -  
Bailey Fred     1940  
Bartlett R H Tempy Lt   20.11.43 Navy List July 1945
Barton Robert William Acting Petty Officer Telegraphist JX144902 1942 ADM 1/ 12427 
Birch Roger First Lieutenant & Navigating Officer   30.3.38 - 4.39
Brabrook Reginald Henry Petty Officer J114656 1942 ADM 1/ 12427 
Brimmell R A Tempy Lt RNVR   11.6.45 Navy List July 1945
Dodd C A Tempy Elect Sub-Lt   19.3.45 Navy List July 1945
Girgan Leo P O D/JX140531 1942 ADM 1/ 12427
Passed away on 10th September 2008 in Kirkcudbright Hospital (Source: Gregor McKinlay, grandson)
Harrison W A Boatswain   1.7.37 Navy List Dec 1939
Henderson J Tempy Lt RNR   20.2.43 Navy List July 1945
Hewitt Frank Joseph George Lt Commander   7.5.37
10.4.42 - 29.9.44
Navy List Dec 1939
Commanding Officer
IWM Photo,
ADM 1/14347
Hunt H G Sub Lt (act)   11.9.39 Navy List Dec 1939
Jack W B Tempy Surg Lt RNVR   28.5.45 Navy List July 1945
King Harold Graham Tempy Lt Com RNVR   28.9.44 - 16.7.45 Navy List July 1945
Lansdown Charles Savage Ewbank Lt Commander   22.5.39 - 8.39 Navy List Dec 1939
Law Walter George

Acting Leading  Seaman(Temporary)

JX185016 23.7.40 - 25.11.45

As a result of a conversation in a pub with a friend who’s granddad was also on minesweepers during ww2 I decided to start looking for my granddad’s war records. From what I’ve found out so far he served for most of the war (1940 -1946) on the Gleaner before being de-mobbed in Jan ’46. His name was Walter George Law (d.o.b. 05/11/1919) and his number was jx185016. I have a photo of the Gleaner at sea as well as one of him drinking tea on deck with a few other blokes. The quality is poor but it clearly says “HMS Gleaner” on the back of the photos.
An entry in the 1942 section caught my eye. There is a section covering 19/20th November that mentions the ship was taking an injured man to hospital. That was my granddad. I have a certificate of wounding dated 19/11/1942 (CLICK HERE to see Certificate). He was (accidentally!!) shot when working below decks by another crew member who was cleaning a Lewis gun. He spent some time in a Russian hospital recovering. This was something that came to light initially when my Mum took him for an X-ray some years ago and bullet fragments showed up. He said the man – a friend – was disciplined over the incident but wasn’t sure what happened then.
He was also mentioned in dispatches on 14/06/45 which I think was when he was still on the Gleaner but obviously after the war in Europe was over.
I don’t know if you want a copy of the pictures (my brothers have a couple too) but the quality is, as I said, a bit poor. I could forward you a paper copy of the wounding certificate as well if you would like, it details the incident, injuries etc.
Thanks for running this site – it’s been pretty special to see the photos and read some of the places and events the Gleaner was at. 

Andy Barrett (maternal grandson)

Martin Albert       I first met Albert Martin in 1954 when I was an apprentice fitter and he was working as a fitter at Falmouth Docks. These days I spend time with him at Falmouth  Day Centre (Age Concern).  He has told me that he spent 8 years and 5 months on the Gleaner.  Born in 1916, he is now 92 years old and fully compos mentis.    David Tregenza, friend of Albert Feb 2008
Milne G L Tempy Act Sub-Lt   12.6.44 Navy List July 1945
O'Keefe Daniel Reginald Sto P O D/KX81512 1942 ADM 1/ 12427
OOM Karl Eric Lt Cdr (RAN)   2.41 - 12.41
Pearson John Andrew Lt Commander   16.7.45 -  
Phillips Edmund Harman (Taff) Act. Leading Coder (Ty)   21.6.42 - 16.10.43 I found my father's service record, at the bottom of a drawer, when I was selling my parent's house, some years ago. He served on the Gleaner from 21, June 1942 - 16,Oct 1943 as Act. Leading Coder (Ty).  His name was Edmund Harman PHILLIPS, and was known in the navy as Taff, as he was from Cardiff.  He did not talk about his war, but I knew about his trips to Russia with the Arctic Convoys.
David Philips Oct 2008
Poorte William (Charley) Petty Officer J101896 23.2.40 - 3.8.41


DoB 30.11.05 - 25.02.67

Price Hugh Perceval Lt Commander   7.5.37 - 2.41 Surveys
Rankin Robert William First Lieutenant   1939 Lieutenant Commander Rankin
Lieutenant Commander Robert William Rankin was born at Cobar, New South Wales on 3 June 1907 and entered the RANC in 1921 and graduated in 1925 with prizes for both engineering and mathematics.

After service in HMA Ships Brisbane and Melbourne, Sub Lieutenant Rankin was posted to the United Kingdom for service in a number of Royal Navy Ships. He attended the Junior Officers' War Course and was promoted to Lieutenant in 1929, specialising in surveying

When World War II broke out he was serving as a Lieutenant Commander in the minesweeper HMS Gleaner, but was posted soon after to the repair ship HMS Resource as First Lieutenant. He returned to Australia in 1941 and was appointed in command of the sloop HMAS Yarra in January 1942.

On 4 March 1942, while escorting a small convoy to Australia, Yarra was attacked by a Japanese force of three cruisers and two destroyers and the convoy was overwhelmed. Yarra fought to the very last and Lieutenant Commander Rankin was killed by a salvo of shells which struck the bridge shortly after he had given the order to abandon ship

Reade E P Sub Lt




Navy List Dec 1939

Report of Proceedings

Sandvid Leonard George     4.46
Saul W E Tempy Lt RNVR   29.11.43  
Scott W W Tempy Lt RNCVR   14.3.45 Navy List July 1945
Shelton J O L      - 10.4.42  
Slee Leonard Frederick Stoker   8.12.43 - 27.2.46 My father was a crew member of the HMS Gleaner (J83) from 8th December '43 to 27th February '46. Leonard Fredrick Slee - Stoker. Sadly, dad died this
year on 16th July.
Phil Slee (son)
Small James William Yeoman of Signals JX132902 1942 ADM 1/14347
Southern R M Commander   30.3.38 Surveys.
Stafford Eric Ldg Stoker     Eric Stafford who was a leading stoker of the Gleaner during the activities, including the Russian Convoy and the Dunkirk landings, I know he would be very pleased to have his name included on the list of sailors, he is now 83 and very much alive.
Peter Stafford (son)
Vingoe Sidney Gordon Coxswain, Chief Petty Officer J27092 6.8.43 IWM Photo, ADM 1/14347
Walton Edward Stoker First Class KX98485 1942 ADM 1/ 12427.
Mention in despatches for zeal, efficiency and cheerful devotion to duty. Third supplement to London Gazette of 11th June 1943 dated 15th June 1943, No. 36055
Warren George SPO K47383 1.4.38 - 24.2.43 George Warren (K47383) my father according to his certificate of service served on H.M.S. Gleaner from 01-04-1938 until 24-02-1943 as S.P.O. He passed away Jan 1970.  B.G.Warren Aug 2007
Williams Samuel John Kent Chief Engine Room Artificer MX47733 1942 ADM 1/ 12427


White Albert Henry Commissioned Engineer   27.6.39


Navy List Dec 1939

ADM 1/ 12427


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