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British Pathe

The photo's shown below were taken from the British Pathe film
which can be seen HERE
(Copies of the photo's and the original footage can be purchased from the British Pathe site.)

This excellent short film features the work of two Halcyon Class minesweepers, although other ships are also shown.
One can be identified as N82 (later J82), HMS Hussar. The issue date of the film is 11th Jan 1940 which is
when Hussar was working in the Grimsby area. Other Halcyon's in the area at the same time include Halcyon, Skipjack, Speedwell, Sphinx and Salamander but it has not yet been possible to determine on which ship the film was shot.

Note the contrast in uniforms between the men in this film and those worn in the previous photo's by Hazard and Hebe's crews!

 HMS Hussar Jan 1940

HMS Hussar (N82) followed by what appears to be a Hunt Class minesweeper
 living up to the nickname of 'Smokey Joe'

Preparing to sweep The mine cutter Attaching the cutter
Getting ready to sweep, attaching the cutter.

Launching the float Running out the float  Running out the sweep cable
Launching the float.

Watching for mines Time for a break Welcome break
Watching and waiting for mines...

Watching for aircraft 1 Watching for aircraft 2 Watching for aircraft 3
...whilst always guarding against aircraft attack.

Destroying mine by rifle fire Time for home
Destroying the mine by rifle fire, then time for home.

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