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Scenes on board HMS Hazard 1940

Photo's and text from the Imperial War Museum's Photo Series A1348 - A1369

HMS Hazard & HMS Hebe Minesweeping IWM A1348

One method of sweeping for moored mines is to tow a sweep wire between two ships, the wires being kept down to the desired depth by means of kites. These photo's show the sweep wire being passed from HMS Hazard to HMS Hebe (J24). (A1348)

HMS Hazard & HMS Hebe IWM 1349

HMS Hazard & HMS Hebe IWM A1350

Another method of sweeping for moored mines is be means of the oropesa sweep. This is a single ship sweep and can be used as a single or double sweep. The sweep wire is again kept down to the required depth by means of the kite, the wire being kept out from the ship by means of a 'kite otter', attached to which is the oropesa float. (A1349 and A1350)

HMS Hazard & HMS Hebe (distant) Minesweeping IWM A1351

Here is the oropesa float being got out from HMS Hazard.  (A1351)

HMS Hazard Minesweeping IWM A1354

Streaming the oropesa float  A1354

HMS Hazard Minesweeping IWM A1355

The float being hoisted in.  (A1355)

HMS Hazard Minesweeping IWM A1356

The kite otter being hoisted in. (A1356)

HMS Hazard Minesweeping IWM A1368

The seaboat being hoisted in on board HMS Hazard, note the two groups of sailors pulling the ropes to bring the boat on board. She is just up and falls are about to be secured. (A1368)

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