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Halcyon Minesweepers

Minesweepers at Work
Source of sketch: Robert E Groves http://www.royal-navy.org/art/naval-paintings-detail.php?name=13

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HMS Bramble HMS Britomart HMS Franklin
HMS Gleaner HMS Gossamer HMS Halcyon
HMS Harrier HMS Hazard HMS Hebe
HMS Hussar HMS Jason HMS Leda
HMS Niger HMS Salamander HMS Scott
HMS Seagull HMS Sharpshooter HMS Skipjack
HMS Speedwell HMS Speedy HMS Sphinx

Unfortunately most of the ships' logs for all the Halcyons during WW2 have probably been destroyed, the surviving logs only cover the period up to early 1940. Fortunately the framework for these ships' histories was found in the National Archives records ADM199/2545-2577 which contain details of the movements of the ships over this period.

Into this chronological record has been inserted information from other original records held at the National Archives and the Imperial War Museum, extracts from books and memories from relatives. Each resulting history is a somewhat disjointed record which has not been 'smoothed' into a more easily read format because it is a work in progress. It is hoped that more information will be added as it is found. If you can contribute to this site, please contact me.

Halcyon Class Minesweeper Halcyon Class Minesweeper Halcyon Class Minesweeper Halcyon Class Minesweeper

British Pathe

The photo's shown above of a Halcyon Class minesweeper were taken from the British Pathe film
which can be seen HERE (Sorry about the song!)
(Copies of the photo's and the original footage can be purchased from the British Pathe site.)

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