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Origins of Site

Quotes - extracts from reports etc about Halcyons

Specifications - details of the development, variations and layout of the Halcyons

Halcyon Minesweeper Trials 1936
Cross section HMS Harrier
Line drawing HMS Harrier
Badges & Mottos

Warship Weeks

Survey Ships - the survey role of Halcyon Class ships - HM Ships Franklin, Scott, Gleaner, Jason, Seagull and Sharpshooter (renamed Shackleton)

Pre War Reports Annual reports on the activities of the minesweeping flotilla

Annual Report on the Progress of Minesweeping 1936
Annual Report on the Progress of Minesweeping 1937
Annual Report on the Progress of Minesweeping 1938

Ship's Histories - a detailed, year by year account of the whereabouts and activities of each ship, including known details of crew members

HMS Bramble
HMS Britomart
HMS Franklin
HMS Gleaner
HMS Gossamer
HMS Halcyon
HMS Harrier
HMS Hazard
HMS Hebe
HMS Hussar
HMS Jason
HMS Leda
HMS Niger
HMS Salamander
HMS Scott
HMS Seagull
HMS Sharpshooter
HMS Skipjack
HMS Speedwell
HMS Speedy
HMS Sphinx

Arctic Service

New Arctic Star - information on new award for those who served in North Russian waters, including link to application form.
List of Russian Convoys that the Halcyon ships took part in
QP15 - extracts of reports from Halcyon ships etc
PQ15 - extracts of reports from Halcyon ships etc
PQ18 - extracts of reports from Halcyon ships etc
JW53 - extracts of reports from Halcyon ships etc
Reports of the Senior British Naval Officer North Russia on activities and living conditions (November 1941 to March 1944)
Archangel - a description
Ice Conditions in the White Sea
Climate Pay Request for crews to receive climate pay
Operation FB - Harrier and Gleaner operating under the command of the Russians
Sweeping Policy - suggestion by Senior Officer 1st Minesweeping Flotilla

Mediterranean - a brief look at the work of the six Halcyons that went to the Med

D Day

1st MSF Orders
D Day Memories
D Day Minesweeping

Friendly Fire - the destruction of HM Ships Britomart, Hussar and Salamander by British aircraft in August 1944

Report of Senior Officer First Minesweeping Flotilla
HMS Britomart
HMS Hussar
HMS Salamander

Daily Telegraph - articles from documents released in 1994

References & Links - a list of the books, documents, internet sites and other resources used to compile this site.

News - information on updates etc


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