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HMS Seagull - Halcyon Class Minesweeper
HMS Seagull

Summary of History

Completed on 30th May 1938, Seagull (J85) was the first 'rivet-less' ship in the Royal Navy, all the joints being welded. SEAGULL and Leda were sent for rough weather trials in Icelandic waters on 15th September 1938 and arrived at Scapa on 27th September having experienced sufficient rough weather to give a thorough test of the structure of SEAGULL. She started the war at Scapa and remained in Scottish waters until 1941, when she joined the 2nd Escort Group (Londonderry).

In October 1941 she joined PQ2, the first of 21 Russian convoys that she was to help escort. She returned briefly at the beginning of 1942 for arcticisation, then sailed again in April for Russia where she remained until September.  On 2nd May 1942 she sank the Polish submarine Jastrzab in error (the submarine was in the wrong location). Once more in December 1942 she sailed to North Russia, only to return in Feb 1943 for boiler repairs. In October 1943 she went back to Russia for the fourth time. In March1944, along with HMS Gleaner, SEAGULL returned from Russia for the final time. They were the last Halcyons to leave after years of gruelling and distinguished service. For Operation Neptune, SEAGULL was with the 1st MSF at Normandy, she swept channel 9 into Sword Beach. She spent the rest of the war based at Harwich, minesweeping.

In late 1945 SEAGULL was converted in Rotterdam to a Survey Ship. She operated in Home Waters until 1950 when she paid off into the Reserve. She became the naval drill ship at Leith in 1955 before being scrapped in May/July 1956 at Plymouth.

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