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HMS Bramble - Halcyon Class Minesweeper

HMS Bramble     Source: ADM 176/873

Summary of History

Completed on 22nd June 1939, HMS Bramble (J11) immediately took part in the salvage operations for HMS Thetis (submarine). She started the war minesweeping in Home Waters and was hit by bombs off Harwich in February 1941. After refit, she carried out convoy escort duties in the Western Approaches. In October 1941 she sailed with other Halcyons for Archangel, taking part in eleven convoys and carrying out many other duties while in Russian waters. On 31st December 1942 while returning from a search for stragglers of Convoy JW51B she met the German battleship Hipper and was badly damaged, later being sunk by the German destroyer Eckholdt. Eight officers and 113 ratings were lost.

Note: On 26th January 1945 a new Algerine Class minesweeper named HMS Bramble (J273) was launched. The similar appearance of the two ships can sometimes lead to confusion. Similarly there were also Algerines called Niger (Sept 1945) and Skipjack (April 1944).

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