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October 2008 Owing to a series of family health problems it has not been possible to update the site over the last 9 months. However, this is now being done and contact made with all who have emailed.
9th Feb 2007 Diary of LSBA William Maslen, donated by his wife Pauline, added to Halcyon 1942 (PQ17 and QP15)
7th Feb 2007 Details of William Jenkins added to Britomart crew
7th Feb 2007 23 photos of HMS Hazard crew added, donated by Mike Carter, also a page to Mike West
20th Jan 2007 32 photos added to Sharpshooter Post War and Crew pages, donated by Steve Prigmore
31st Dec 2006 Added twenty photos of HMS Speedy donated by David West , also a page to Roy West
29th Dec 2006 Update for PO Smith, HMS Bramble added
26th Dec 2006 Photos of Reg Birch and crew added to Hebe Crew page
20th Dec 2006 Page and photos for Bryan Senior added to Scott Crew, John Lambert page updated.
16th Dec 2006 Postcard for Aireborough Warship Week added to Bramble 1942
16th Dec 2006 Page for Fred Brockwell, ship poem and gallery of crew photos added to Sharpshooter Crew.
13th Dec 2006 Crew photo for Speedy added to Crew page.
November 2006 Reports from Halcyons  in Convoys QP15, PQ15, PQ18 and JW53 added to Arctic/Convoys section
11th Nov 2006 Orders for the Escort to QP15 added to Sharpshooter 1942 (17.11.42)
10th Nov 2006 Bramble's report on QP15 added to Bramble 1942 (2.5.42)
November 2006 Several reports on EN convoys (around Scotland) added to Jason and Gleaner
28th Oct 2006 Page added to Bramble Crew for Albert Maude
22nd Oct 2006 Several photo's taken by Henry Brown added to Speedwell 1942 etc
13th Oct 2006 Page added to Skipjack Crew for Ernest Gray
9th Oct 2006 Page added to Sharpshooter Crew for Alan Keech
8th Oct 2006 Page added to Speedwell Crew for 'Jack the Dog' - an important member of the crew
28th Sept 2006 Photo's and poem added to crew page of HMS Hazard for Stanley (Ginger) Betts
22nd Sept 2006 Photo's added to crew page of HMS Jason, also a page for Stoker 'Art' Bromley.
16th Aug 2006 Photo of Gleaner at breaker's in Preston added.
11th July 2006 Photo's of HMS Speedwell post war as the general cargo ship Topaze added to 'Speedwell Post-War'
3rd July 2006 Page added to 'Speedwell 1941' about salvage of SS Atheltemplar. Also awards to 'Speedwell Crew'.
30th Jun 2006 Article and photo on Montgomery's visit to Franklin added.
28th June 2006 Page for twin brothers Vic and Ron Webster added to 'Sharpshooter Crew'.
26th June 2006 Maritime Web Award 'Gold Site' symbol added to Home Page
26th June 2006 Page for Lt G C Foster added to 'Gossamer Crew'
24th June 2006 Specifications Section - New page about Warship Weeks, and photo of launch of Salamander added
13th May 2006 New section added giving background and details of the Arctic Star to which all Royal Navy and Merchant Navy veterans of the Arctic convoys are entitled. The Star will be issued from summer 2006
11th May 2006 Press cutting of HMS Gossamer reunion added to Gossamer Crew page
2nd May 2006 Added photographs of HMS Hebe taken during the memorial service for the crew of the submarine Thetis which was lost in 1939 in Liverpool Bay.
30th April 2006 Video of HMS Harrier added to Home Page. Photo's of Halcyons which can be purchased from www.battleships-cruisers.co.uk identified. General minor amendments made.
20th April 2006 A revised article containing drawings of HMS Harrier by John Lambert appears in Issue 230, May 2006 Marine Modelling International www.marinemodelmagazine.com , drawings can be obtained from http://www.lambert-plans.com
18th April 2006 'Responses' page added to Feedback section. This contains feedback from relatives etc and has been edited for clarity. 'Layout' page added to Specifications section. This is an article written by John Lambert which gives a detailed description of the layout of HMS Harrier. Many other minor alterations made following testing.
9th April 2006 First draft of website launched. It has evolved over many months and there are bound to be a few problems. There will be a few weeks of testing and adjustment as feedback is received on the operation of the site. It is hoped that information will start to be received from relatives etc and amendments and additions can commence.

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