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Since the launch of this website in April 2006 there has been a steady number of e-mails from relatives of crew members and, indeed, former members of the crews of the Halcyons themselves. Details have been included here of those contacts relating to HMS Skipjack, although e-mail addresses are excluded for privacy and to avoid spam messages. Please contact me if you would like to contact anyone listed here.


Crew Member Contact Relationship Information
E W Gray Jon Gray Nephew
I'm writing with reference to the crew of HMS Skipjack, shown on your webpage:
Ernest William Gray was my uncle, son of James Thomas Gray and Harriet Florence Gray, both of Feltham, Middlesex.
I'm surprised to see that no relatives are known as my Grandmother Harriet received notification that Ernie was missing presumed dead, and later a citation that she had hanging on her wall until her death.
The family occupied the same home at Danesbury Road, Feltham between 1909 and 2000, so a change of address could not have been the reason for lack of contact from the MOD. I wonder if my Grandmother was informed of the unpaid 4.4s and chose not to claim - how might she have felt spending her late son's money? She was quite poor, and that amount in 1940 would have helped.
Ernie's name appears on the cenotaph at Feltham, and a cross has been placed there each November since his death.
J E Silby Clive Howe Grandson
My grandfather John E. (Bill) Silby LD-5036 served with the Halcyons flotilla as a Torpedo Man RNVR (Chatham) throughout the war.
Early war service was as AA Gunner attached to merchant ships.
He served onboard the Skipjack and manned the ships' boat at Dunkirk ferrying troops from the beach. He survived her sinking at Dunkirk (12 hours in water before being picked up) and returned to the beaches on commercial vessel as part of a makeshift crew.
He was later a member of the crew of HMS Sharpshooter when she rammed and sunk a U-boat.
Time away from the Halcyon flotilla was spent on X-Craft Submarines and Torpedo Boats.
He died 1998. A wife, 2 daughters, 3 grandsons survived him.
A J Edmond Glyn Edmond Son
My father Arthur James Edmond was the C.E.R.A on the Skipjack at Dunkirk, I understand that he was picked up by a small craft which was also sunk and then picked up again. He was landed at Ramsgate with little more on than his name tags. He then went to sea again other ships and was part of a naval party in North Africa where he was awarded a Mention in dispatches, I have never heard what this was for. By this time he had been promoted to W.O..
He left the service after the war but died of lung cancer in at the age of 54
T C Game Amanda Brittany Granddaughter
I have just come across your website - which I have found very interesting.   I am the granddaughter of Thomas Charles Game, who lost his life on HMS Skipjack in 1940.
Here is some information about Thomas that may be useful:
Thomas was the husband of Maud.  They had three young children at the time of his death; my father Charles Edward, Bessie Maureen and Maud Ethel.
Thomas's parents were Charles and Elizabeth.  
Thomas had two brothers, Leonard and Arthur and a sister, Ethel.
Thomas Charles Game was from London, he was 3 months old at the time of the 1901 census, which I believe makes him 39 at the time of his death.
Kind Regards
Amanda Brittany (nee Game) Aug 2007


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