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This page contains all the names of crew members that have been found so far. If you can add to the information please contact me.

Lt.Cdr. Francis Babington Proudfoot, RN 15 June 1939 1 June 1940


Crew Members who lost their lives while serving on HMS Skipjack
BLAXALL  Henry John  Stoker 1st Class  C/KX 76947 1st June 1940 33  Son of Alfred F J and Amelia Caroline Blaxall; husband of Ivy Frances Edna Blaxall, of Fordwich, Kent CHATHAM Panel 38, Column 2
CHAPMAN  James Philip Sidney  Petty Officer Steward  C/L 6129 1st June 1940 43  Son of Horace Burdett Chapman and Elizabeth Alice Chapman; husband of Rose Ethel Rebecca Chapman, of Ipswich, Suffolk CHATHAM Panel 39, Column 2
CHAPMAN  Harry Milliner  Able Seaman  C/SS 8944 1st June 1940 40  Son of William John and Frances Ann Chapman; husband of Ivy May Chapman, of Gravesend, Kent CHATHAM Panel 35, Column 1
CHILD  Alexander  Able Seaman  C/J 99718 1st June 1940 35  Son of Henry and Alice Child; husband of Amelia Elizabeth Child, of Walthamstow, Essex CHATHAM Panel 35, Column 1
COWLEY  Ralph Alexander  Sub-Lieutenant - 1st June 1940 -


CHATHAM Panel 40, Column 2
CRAINE  Douglas Herbert  Leading Cook  C/MX50146 1st June 1940 -


CHATHAM Panel 39, Column 2
DAVISON  John  Leading Stoker  C/KX 75304 14th November 1939 33  Son of William and Elizabeth Davison; husband of Katherine Davison, of Walker-on-Tyne, Northumberland GRIMSBY (SCARTHO ROAD) CEMETERY  Section 116, Row I, Grave 2
GAME  Thomas Charles  Telegraphist  C/J 77633 1st June 1940 39
I have just come across your website - which I have found very interesting.   I am the granddaughter of Thomas Charles Game, who lost his life on HMS Skipjack in 1940. 
Here is some information about Thomas that may be useful:
Thomas was the husband of Maud.  They had three young children at the time of his death; my father Charles Edward, Bessie Maureen and Maud Ethel.
Thomas's parents were Charles and Elizabeth. Thomas had two brothers, Leonard and Arthur and a sister, Ethel.
Thomas Charles Game was from London, he was 3 months old at the time of the 1901 census, which I believe makes him 39 at the time of his death.
Amanda Brittany (nee Game)
Thomas Charles Game HMS Skipjack

CHATHAM Panel 37, Column 2

GORE  Alfred  Chief Stoker  C/K 27348 1st June 1940 44  Son of Elizabeth Gore; husband of Lydia Nora Gore, of Bobbing, Kent CHATHAM Panel 37, Column 3
GRAY  Ernest William  Stoker 1st Class  C/KX 83864 1st June 1940 - No relatives listed. London Gazette 29th July 1955 shows the Admiralty still held 4-4-0 balance of pay. See link for family details
CHATHAM Panel 38, Column 2
GREEN  Alfred John  Assistant Cook (O)  C/MX 59592 1st June 1940 20  Son of Alfred Green; husband of Amy Margaret Elizabeth Green, of Walthamstow, Essex CHATHAM Panel 39, Column 2
HAMMOND  Alfred Thomas Chitral  Able Seaman  C/JX 129286 1st June 1940 28  Son of Alfred and Fannie Louise Hammond, of Sheerness, Kent LONGUENESSE (ST Plot 10, Row B,  Grave 25
HORNE  Thomas Alfred  Petty Officer Stoker  C/K 18545 1st June 1940 -


CHATHAM Panel 37, Column 3
KNIGHT  Arthur William George  Petty Officer Stoker  C/K 4505 1st June 1940 -

CHATHAM Panel 37, Column 3
LEE  Ernest Arthur  Leading Telegraphist  C/J 30309 1st June 1940 42  Son of Minnie Lee; husband of Frances Irene Lee, of Gillingham, Kent CHATHAM Panel 37, Column 1
MATTOCKS  Edwin Thomas  Engine Room Artificer 1st Class  C/M 7949 1st June 1940 41  Son of Harry and Mary Ann Mattocks; husband of Lilian May Mattocks, of Niles, Ohio, U.S.A. CHATHAM Panel 37, Column 2
STEPHENSON  William Graham  Stoker 1st Class  C/KX 76795 1st June 1940 37  Son of Matthew Stephenson; husband of Edna Stephenson, of Middlesbrough, Yorkshire CHATHAM Panel 38, Column 3
THOMPSON  Harry Oscar  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class  C/MX 48926 1st June 1940 24  Son of Oscar Thomas and Dora Olive Thompson, of Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey CHATHAM Panel 37, Column 3
THOROGOOD  Albert Daniel  Engine Room Artificer 5th Class  C/MX 64429 1st June 1940 -  Son of Charles Daniel and Amy Thorogood, of Tottenham, Middlesex CHATHAM Panel 37, Column 3
WILLMOTT  Samuel George  Able Seaman  C/SS 7360 1st June 1940 40  Son of Alfred and Jane Louise Willmott; husband of Alice Willmott, of Palmer's Green, Middlesex CHATHAM Panel 36, Column 2


Other Members of the Crew of HMS Skipjack



Edmond Arthur James CERA      
Engine room - HMS Skipjack, CERA A J Edmonds

My father Arthur James Edmond was the C.E.R.A on the Skipjack at Dunkirk, I understand that he was picked up by a small craft which was also sunk and then picked up again. He was landed at Ramsgate with little more on than his name tags. He then went to sea again other ships and was part of a naval party in North Africa where he was awarded a Mention in dispatches, I have never heard what this was for. By this time he had been promoted to W.O..

He left the service after the war but died of lung cancer in at the age of 54
Glyn Edmond
Harris Leonard     30.10.34-13.1.37   Leonard Harris 1923


Boy Seaman Leonard Harris 1923


See 'Skipjack Pre War' page for an account of his time on HMS Skipjack

Healey A Lt   1.6.39   Navy List for Dec 1939
Henwood C A Lt   8.6.39   Navy List for Dec 1939
Hines George Able Seaman       My grandfather (mother's side) George Hines was an Able Seaman on board the HMS Skipjack Minesweeper when it was sunk on 1st June 1940. George found himself in the sea surrounded by burning fuel oil, he was taken to the Devonport hospital for treatment.


Hobbs Jack Ldg Seaman       Jack Hobbs, had served with me aboard Curlew when we were both able seamen.
Source: Leonard Harris
Hodge Jack

Ldg Seaman


Jack Hodge had only served with me in barracks, a one time messmate in the field gun mess.
Source: Leonard Harris

Lee George Edward   K58314     Born 2nd Oct 1901. Survived sinking. (Source: Rob Brown)
MacLeod Murdo Ldg Seaman 5849D 5.40 - 1.6.40   DSM for good services in the withdrawal of the Allied Armies from the beaches of Dunkirk. Supp to Gazette of 16.8.40 No. 34925
McGrum A G Sub Lt   15.6.39   Navy List for Dec 1939
Proudfoot Francis Babbington Lt Cdr   15.6.39 - 6.40   Navy List for Dec 1939
Silby John E (Bill) Torpedoman LD5036    
Early war service was as AA Gunner attached to merchant ships. 
He served onboard the Skipjack and manned the ships' boat at Dunkirk ferrying troops from the beach. He survived her sinking at Dunkirk (12 hours in water before being picked up) and returned to the beaches on commercial vessel as part of a makeshift crew. 

(My Grandad ended up in the water for 12 hours before being picked up himself by a destroyer returning to England. He was 1 of 8 of the Skipjack's crew that survived. On disembarking a RN Petty Officer checked the soldiers names and units. On seeing my Grandad in his Royal Navy jersey he inquired "Where do think you're going?" to which my Grandad replied "I'm a survivor!", "No you're not. Go a stand over there!". A rag tag crew was assembled out of the displaced sailors and sent straight back to the beaches crewing a civilian vessel.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/ww2peopleswar/stories/64/a2320264.shtml )

He was later a member of the crew of HMS Sharpshooter when she rammed and sunk a U-boat.
Time away from the Halcyon flotilla was spent on X-Craft Submarines and Torpedo Boats.
He died 1998. A wife, 2 daughters, 3 grandsons survived him.

Source: Clive Howe (Grandson)

White Hugh Robert Lt   8.5.34 - 2.36   http://www.unithistories.com

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