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Showing signs of wear she had two spells of repairs at Portsmouth between February and May 1946. SPEEDWELL was disarmed at Chatham in June/July, then entered the Reserve Fleet at Harwich.


On 5 December 1946 she was sold to C.W.Kellock and resold to John Cockerill SA of Antwerp who converted her to a general cargo ship and renamed her TOPAZE. SPEEDWELL was rebuilt at Hoboken by Cockerill's. She arrived at Ostend on 19.12.1947 and entered into service for her new owners on 20.12.47 (Capt. Tabary) her new tonnages were: 1032 grt  485,41 n  1532 dwt  15 kn After seven years of commercial service operating between Tilbury and Ostend she was finally consigned to Dutch ship breakers (Arie Rijsdijk) at Hansweert May 1954, and while on passage she was wrecked (11.5.54). Her remains were ultimately scrapped at Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht in 1955 by NV Rijsdijk Boss & Zonen , work began on 14.11.1955.

Thanks to Maurice Voss for information on Topaze.

HMS Speedwell as the coaster Topaze 2
Ex HMS Speedwell as the coaster Topaze 2
(Source: http://home.versateladsl.be/vt678680/rederijen.htm )

HMS Speedwell as the coaster Topaze 2
Ex HMS Speedwell as the coaster Topaze 2
(Source: http://users.telenet.be/rederijen1945/cockerill_nv.htm )


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