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This page contains all the names of crew members that have been found so far. If you can add to the information please contact me.

Lt.Cdr.T.G.P.Crick 24 August 1936  
Lt.Cdr. W. T. W. Curtis, RN 28 January 1939 14 September 1940
Lt.W.D.Smith,RNR 14 July 1940  
Lt.Cdr. John Richard Arthur Seymour, RN 14 September 1940 8 August 1942
Lt. George Collas Hocart, RNR (retired) 8 August 1942 5 January 1943
Lt.Cdr. L.C. Smith, RN 5 January 1943 ?
T/A/Lt.Cdr. John Crawford, RNVR ? 1945 -


Crew of HMS Hazard 1944

Crew of HMS Hazard c.1944
(Source: Sheila Hill, HMS Hazard Association)
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Crew Members who lost their lives while serving on HMS Hazard





DONNELLY  Peter  Stoker 1st Class  C/KX105291 6th December 1942  23 Son of Bernard and Margaret Donnelly of Gateshead GATESHEAD EAST CEMETERY, Durham. Division 3, Grave A/25
SMITH  Louis Conran  Lieut-Commander


_ 4th August 1944  35 Son of Marcell Francis Conran Smith and of Hilda Conran Smith (nee Crossley); husband of Mhairi Elizabeth Conran Smith (nee Dickson), of Taylors Wynd, Angus KHAYAT BEACH WAR CEMETERY, Israel.  Plot B, Row E, Grave 6



Lieutenant Commander Louis (Peter) Conran Smith DSC RN, who died on August 4 in hospital in the Middle East from injuries sustained in a car accident, was the husband of Mhairi Conran Smith, of Taylors Wynd near Forfar, and nephew of Miss Crossley, of Burnside Cottage, Windermere. He entered Dartmouth in May 1923, and from January 1927 was a cadet and Midshipman in the Benbow and Revenge. Promoted Sub-Lieutenant in 1930, he served in the destroyer Antelope in the Mediterranean and the minesweeper Pangbourne in Home Waters, and while in the latter became a Lieutenant in February 1933. Later he was in the destroyer Beagle, in the Mediterranean, and the aircraft carrier Furious in the Home Fleet. When the war broke out he was second in command of the gunboat Robin in China. The DSC was awarded him in December 1943 for steadfast courage and skill in command of Hazard in a dangerous and important minesweeping operation.

Source: The Times Tuesday August 22 1944


Crewmen of HMS Hazard 1944
Crewmen of HMS Hazard 1944/5
See below for more photo's
(Source: L/S Mike Carter)

Other Members of the Crew of HMS Hazard



Allan James Lt   12.4.37 - 2.38   http://www.unithistories.com/ 
Baldwin Ted         HMS Hazard Association
Bedwell Sid         HMS Hazard Association
Belcher Barnie         Barnie Belcher HMS HazardHMS Hazard Association
BETTS Stanley Walter Cornelius Arthur Able Seaman JX/129876 23.1.41 to 29.1.43  
Dad was released from service 18 May 1953 after serving for 27 years and sadly died 16 December 1988. He left behind my mother and four very proud sons.
Dad went on to be a Petty Officer Gunner and his last sailing was aboard HMS Campania to the A Bomb tests at Monte Bello Islands.
Source: Roger Betts (Son)
Bishop J         HMS Hazard Association
Broad Sid         HMS Hazard Association
Buller L St J Tempy Surgeon Lt   4.5.43   L St J Buller  HMS Hazard


HMS Hazard Association
Navy List July 1945

CARTER Mike W Ldg seaman PJX521774 Mid 1944-  
My Dad served on HMS Hazard from mid 1944 to the end. Thankfully he is very much alive and well and living in Christchurch, Dorset with our mum after having five children. Both are now in their 80's but still very sharp in the mind if not quite as speedy in the body. Dad says he used to play cricket for the Flotilla.

Source: Chris Carter, son. Jan 2007

Case Frank AB       Frank Case HMS HazardHMS Hazard Association
Casley Arthur Victor Cd Engineer   15.12.36   Cd Eng Arthur Victor CasleyServed with the ill-fated HMS REPULSE in the 1930s. He was posted to the HAZARD just before the war and served as engineer officer until about 1944. Then he joined HMS Wilton where he suffered a (non-combat) leg injury after which he was transferred to the Fleet Air Arm base at St. Merryn, Cornwall where he taught engineering to trainee aircrew. His last Navy years were spent in wreck dispersal operations-- based in Sheerness. He died at his home near Watford in 1976. His wife Pearl died three years later.
Source: Roger Croft (Nephew).

Navy List Dec 1939

Closier Bill         Bill Closier  HMS Hazard Association
Conyers Raymond PO   4.4.44 - 6.46  
I have heard much about this ship from my father (PO Raymond Conyers) served on HMS Hazard (from 4 April 1944 until after VE day). He is well and living in Buckinghamshire.
Source: Paul Conyers, son  Feb 2007
Coomber Tom Signalman       HMS Hazard Association
Cramphorn George Percy        
My wife's father George Percy Cramphorn served on HMS Hazard. He passed away in May 1981.
My wife has a picture of the ship in a card which has Christmas greeting on the front.
Craig Messenger
Crates James     1944/45  
My Dad served on HMS Hazard during 1944/45 his name is James Crates he lived in Tilbury and Grays after he left the Navy. I think he might be on one of the pictures on this web site, he said it was him but his memory and eyesight is not as good as it was, he is now 85 and although he can remember some things, dates times and people he cannot, unless someone can jog his memory.
Source: Janet Purser, daughter

Sadly my father James Edward Crates died last week
3rd March 2008 aged 85, Dad served on HMS Hazard we think during 1944 but have no details, any information would be very welcome.
Janet Purser, daughter
Crawford John C Tempy Lt Cdr   30.4.43   Navy List July 1945
7.12.43 MID awarded for steadfast courage and skill in a dangerous and important minesweeping operation (Op ANTIDOTE - Galita, Algeria to Sousse, Tunisia).
11.12.45 DSC awarded for wind-up operations Europe 1945 
Crick T G P Lt Cdr   24.8.36    
Crowden Ernie Stoker   1942 -46   My late husband Ernie Crowden served on the HMS Hazard from 1942 - 1946 as a Stoker.
Source: Dorothy Crowden
Curtis W T W Lt Cdr   28.1.39 - 14.9.40   Lt Cmdr WTW Curtis  HMS Hazard
Dilnutt Bertram Edward PO   1943   HMS Hazard Association
7.12.43 MID awarded for steadfast courage and skill in a dangerous and important minesweeping operation. Op ANTIDOTE Galita, Algeria to Sousse, Tunisia May 1943.
Dobner           HMS Hazard Association
Eglington Henry (Harry)         Harry Egington  HMS HazardHMS Hazard Association

I have just found this site and wanted to say how much my father enjoyed meeting some of his old ‘shipmates’. Sadly he died on 31/10/2000 and is deeply missed by his family.  
Keith Eglington Dec 2008

Ellis Robert Wilson Ty Lt   1942   ADM116/4544 Award 1942
Mention in Despatches: London Gazette Issue 35679 published 21 August 1942
DSC: London Gazette Issue 36033 published 28 May 1943
Farmiloe Trevor (Tommy)         HMS Hazard Association
Ferguson George Alexander M         http://www.curiousfox.com/history/northumberland_11.html
Finch           HMS Hazard Association
Flood John J         John Flood HMS HazardHe never spoke to any of the family about what he saw or did in any depth.  John  died on  the  12th of Nov 2002 taking  all  of  his experiences with him.

Source:Chris Newman (Nephew)

HMS Hazard Association

Foster A Tempy Surgeon Lt   1.12.44   Navy List July 1945
Forrest Albert         HMS Hazard Association
Fraser C R Tempy Sub Lt   17.11.39   Navy List Dec 1939
Frewen Bill         HMS Hazard Association
Gledhill Jack         HMS Hazard Jack Gledhill HMS Hazard Association
Goff Roy Cyril Tempr Sub Lt   19.8.40 -   http://www.unithistories.com/officers/RNR_officersG.html
Goldstraw W (Charlie)         Charlie Goldstraw  HMS Hazard Association
Gordon C Sub Lt   6.10.39   Navy List Dec 1939
Gower Alfred Samuel AB   1938-39 19 Alfred Gower HMS Hazard
I was delighted to see that my Dad had been listed on the website. Alf passed away 23 February this year.  44 days before his 88th birthday.
Source: Ron Gower Dec 2007


Graves Bill         HMS Hazard Association
Gunnell Jack CPO       HMS Hazard Association (Died 8.6.84)
Hallford Cyril Frederick John (Tibbs)   JX350953 11.5.43- 11.2.45 20 Tibbs Hallford  HMS Hazard Association
Harris Gus PO       HMS Hazard Association
Hill Joseph Sterndale de Montelar Sub Lt   23.3.43   Bar to DSC awarded for bravery, skill and resolution while minesweeping in North Russian waters.
London Gazette Issue 35950 published  19 March 1943
Hind J W Tempy Lt RANVR   2.6.43   J W Hind



HMS Hazard Association
Navy List July 1945

Hitchen   Sub Lt   10.12.42   Navy List Feb 43
Hocart George Callas Lt   8.8.42 - 5.1.43  

ADM 1/14242 Award 1943 London Gazette Issue 35950 published on 19 March 1943

Houghton Jack Bloor Ty Surgeon Lt   1942   ADM116/4544
Mention in Despatches: London Gazette Issue 35679 published 21st August 1942
James Jimmy         HMS Hazard Association
Keeler Steve         HMS Hazard Association
Lambert Fred         HMS Hazard Association
Lansberry A J Tempy Lt   21.5.43   A J Lansberry



HMS Hazard Association
Navy List July 1945

Laugharne           Source: HMS Hazard Association
Lawson Cecil Graham Lt   4.4.38 - 8.38   Son of Captain Bennet Lawson and Minnie Elizabeth Lawson; husband of Edith Mary Connor Lawson, of Weston-super-Mare, Somerset http://www.mcdoa.org.uk/
Leveridge Bill         Bill Leveridge HMS Hazard HMS Hazard Association
Martin S         HMS Hazard Association
Matthews Clifford         HMS Hazard Association
Matthews Don         Don MatthewsHMS Hazard Association
Maule Douggie J         HMS Hazard Douggie MauleHMS Hazard Association
McCann Danny         HMS Hazard Association
McKnight Tom     Apr 44   Tom McKnight




HMS Hazard Association
Navy List July 1945

Middleton J F Tempy Lt   11.1.45   Navy List July 1945
Miles   L/S C SSX23026 1940 -1945   Ldg Seaman 'Pusser' Miles HMS Hazard HMS Hazard Association

My father l/sm Miles c-ssx23026,served on Hazard from 1940 to 1945. Sadly he died last week, any info you could supply would be very welcome.
Source: R Miles (son) Jan 2008

Morland Ronald Albert Wireman   1944    
Morley G R         G R Morley HMS HazardHMS Hazard Association
Pagett Leslie Victor Reginald O/S JX234769   DoB
O/S Leslie Pagett



Mess 4, HMS Hazard
HMS Hazard Association

Palin           HMS Hazard Association
Pratt Mike         HMS Hazard Association
Price Ronald O/S
Act. AB
  1.11.43 - 28.7.44   Before my uncle Ronald Price died in 2004 at the age of 78 I got my dad to ask him what ships he'd served on in the war, and the answer came back that he trained at HMS Collingwood and then was on HMS Hazard. He would have been some kind of ordinary seaman working on deck, I think. I heard he saw some pretty bad accidents (deaths?) when cables used to snap and then whip across the deck.
Allan Price (Nephew) August 2008
Record John William Alfred CPO C/J12309 1942   ADM116/4544
Mention in Despatches: London Gazette Issue 35679 published 21st August 1942
Retter Percy         Percy Retter  HMS HazardHMS Hazard Association
Rhodda           HMS Hazard Association
Robinson J S Tempy Lt   16.12.44   Navy List July 1945
Robson Norman         HMS Hazard Association
Ross Douggie         Douggie Ross HMS Hazard Association
Rowe Les         HMS Hazard Association
Rylands J W Lt   15.2.37    
Sadler (Shorty)         HMS Hazard Association
Scragg John Torpedo Man   1938 - 1946   John Scragg


CLICK for Diary

HMS Hazard Association

Searle S A Tempy Lt   8.11.39   Navy List Dec 1939
Senior Harry         HMS Hazard Association
Seymour John Richard Arthur Lt Cdr   14.9.40 - 8.8.42   ADM116/4544
DSC: London Gazette Issue 35679 published 21st August 1942
Smith L C Lt Cdr   5.1.43 -    
Smith Norman         HMS Hazard Association
Smith W D Lt   12.7.40    
Stacey 'Taffy'         Taffy Stacey HMS Hazard  HMS Hazard Association
Stannard Albert (Stan)         HMS Hazard Association
Stoat E M F Tempy Act Sub Lt   Sept 44   Navy List July 1945 
Strickland Bill         Bill Strickland  HMS Hazard Association
Sullivan           HMS Hazard Association
Taylor Frank         HMS Hazard Association
Valentine           HMS Hazard Association
Whitworth Jack         HMS Hazard Association
Wood Charlie         HMS Hazard Association
Yelland J V Lt   25.8.38   Navy List Dec 1939

Photos of crewmen from HMS Hazard

This gallery was supplied by Leading Seaman Mike Carter

Click on photo to enlarge

Mike Carter 1944/5

HMS Hazard crew 1944/5

HMS Hazard - Mike Carter on right

HMS Hazard crew 1944/5

HMS Hazard - unknown crewman

HMS Hazard crew 1944/5

HMS Hazard crew 1944/5

HMS Hazard crew 1944/5

HMS Hazard crew 1944/5

HMS Hazard - Mike Carter on left

HMS Hazard crew 1944/5

HMS Hazard crew 1944/5

HMS Hazard crew 1944/5

HMS Hazard - unknown crewman

Mike Carter 1944 in the Med

HMS Hazard crew 1944 - Mediterranean

HMS Hazard crew 1944 - Mediterranean

HMS Hazard crew (and a local lad) 1944 - Mediterranean

HMS Hazard crew 1944 - Mediterranean

Another Halcyon from HMS Hazard 1944/5

HMS Halcyon and another Halcyon from HMS Hazard 1944/5


Crew photo's from HMS Hazard Association

No.7 Stokers Mess

No.7 Stokers Mess - names

HMS Hazard crew

HMS Hazard crew

HMS Hazard Football team

MSF 'A' Cup presentation

Unknown sailors - Med

Jimmy James, Dickie Dixon, Loghnane, Jackie Cooper

Danny McCann, Jimmy James, Bill Leveridge 1940

John Flood, Albert Forrest, Geoff Gledhill

Tibbs Hallford, Albert Forrest, Pusser Miles

Sailor A

Sailors B

Sailors C Alexandria 24.1.44

Sailors D Alexandria 5.7.44

Sailors E

Sailors F

Bridge of HMS Hazard, Skipper on right

Up Spirits. Charlie Wood, Gus Harris

Possibly crew from HMS Hazard


Nathanya Rest Camp: Crew from HMS Hazard

AB Frank Case HMS Hazard

Crew of HMS Hazard. Bert Dilnott in uniform. Morley directly behind him

Unknown sailors from HMS Hazard

Coxswain HMS Hazard 1938

Unknown Signalman HMS Hazard 'mate of Morley's'

Unknown sailors HMS Hazard

HMS Hazard




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