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HMS Franklin (IWM FL4869)
HMS Franklin (IWM FL4869)

Principal Surveys



England, East Coast.

Thames Estuary. Trials with new Decca navigator.

Commander: R T Tripp

14.1.46   Steward Manfred Revell Ternent C/LX 22106 died
7.9.46   Stoker 1st Class George Harwood Woodcock C/KX79345 died aged 39.


England, East Coast.

Thames Estuary; Goodwin Sands; Harwich Harbour. Wreck sweeping. Commander: R T Tripp


England, East Coast.

River Medway. Reduced complement due to Navy-wide manpower shortages. Commander: R H Connell

    The following season (1948) we spent most of the time tied up in Chatham Dockyard or moored in Short Reach as the work was done by the ships boats.  The survey area was from Rochester Bridge to Sheerness Light and included work in the Dockyard basins.  The two motor cutters, Stork and Penguin, carried out the river work and the 12ft motor dinghy, Spider, carried out the dock work.  We also had a skimming dish which was later replaced by a second 12ft motor dinghy named the Fly.
During this period I was loaned to the General Stores to help with a stores muster as a new Supply Officer had been appointed to the ship.  This led to the 'Fisgig' incident.  In the Permanent Rate Book there was an item - Fisgigs, 1 in No. 
        I asked what it was so that I could initial the book to indicate that it was present.  No-one seemed to know including several senior Petty Officers and the Survey Officers had no idea either.  Eventually the Coxswain suggested that I ask a elderly Able Seaman, Georgie Bates.  I located George tucked away in his 'caboose' and asked him what a Fisgig was.  His reply was, 'Look for something like Daddy Neptune's trident'.  'What's it for?', I asked.  'It's a fish spear', was the reply.  I found it propped up behind the stores desk.  It had five prongs, the outer pairs could be unscrewed to give a single or a three pronged spear.  Apparently as a single pronged spear it could be thrown or used as a gaff.  With the extra prongs the technique was to feel along the bottom in shallow water to disturb flat fish and they could be caught by one or more of the prongs.  Regrettably I never got the opportunity to see the spear in action.

Ken Sheale


England, East Coast

Thames estuary and approaches. Commander: R H Connell


England, East Coast

Thames estuary. Commander: C R K Roe


Scotland, West Coast

England, East Coast.

Ireland, North Coast.

Oban and approaches; N.W. Coast of Mull; The Small Isles.

Thames Estuary.

Lough Foyle.

Commanders: C R K Roe, N D Royds


England, East Coast.

Scotland, West Coast

Thames Estuary.

Loch Striven; Loch Linnhe.

Commander: G P D Hall

Paid Off Jan 1953

H M S Franklin

Being a survey ship, we had on board two motor boats (Stork& Penguin) that were used to take different readings of tides and such from the islands dotted about at sea. It was the stokers job to look after the engines fuel/fresh water before each trip was taken but on this occasion he forgot the fuel and took only fresh water. As you can imaging it wasn't long before the coxswain radioed that they had run out of fuel and were drifting and needed help. The officer of the watch decided that has it was a stokers fault and that the off watch stokers should man the whaler and go and tow it back. It wasn't a pretty sight but must have been good viewing as an officer used his movie camera to record it.
Another time we were asked to look out for a ditched pilot that had been sighted ,I wont go into details of his condition when we found him but the only way we could get him on board was to lower a stretcher under him. When we got back to the Franklin the doc got us issued with a tot of rum.

Bob Larkman HMS Franklin October 1949 - 1951

HMS Franklin April 1950 - Halcyon class survey ship
HMS Franklin April 1950

1953 January Paid off into Reserve.



Sold to BISCO. Broken up by Clayton and Davie, Dunston on Tyne, Gateshead.

HMS Franklin  Liverpool, Nov 1951

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