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This page contains all the names of crew members that have been found so far. If you can add to the information please contact me.


Lt.Cdr. Charles Wheatstone Sabine, RN
Promoted to Cdr. on 31 December 1939
OBE 1 January 1940
August 1938 February 1941
Lt.Cdr. Hugh Percival Price, DSO, RN February 1941 11 May 1942
Lt.Cdr. Henry John Cortland Stokes, RN 11 May 1942 15 January 1944
Cdr. Edmund George Irving, RN
OBE 27 February 1945
15 January 1944  


Crew Members who lost their lives while serving on HMS Franklin


TERNENT Manfred Revell Steward  C/LX 22106 14th Jan 1946 - Son of Albert A E Ternent and Alice Ternent, of Wylam   OVINGHAM BURIAL GROUND Grave 839
            On a sad note the steward that is on the casualty list took his own life with the captains revolver, he had been caught, allegedly, with his hand in the till and was due to be charged that day.
Source: Martin Shand
THORNE Frank Herbert Able Seaman  C/JX 31764 4th March 1941 - Son of Ernest and Emily Thorne, of Truro, Cornwall HENDON CEMETERY Section G, Row 10, Grave 51326 (Screen Wall - Panel 4)
TOMPKIN  Ernest Yeoman of Signals  C/JX 133894 28th Nov 1940 28 Son of John and Ada Tompkin, of Holmes, Rotherham ROTHERHAM (MASBROUGH) CEMETERY Plot L, Uncons, Grave 493
WOODCOCK George Harwood Stoker 1st Class  C/KX 79345 7th Sept 1946  39 Son of Frederick and Edith Woodcock; husband of Adelaide Mary Woodcock, of Chatham GREAT YARMOUTH (GORLESTON) CEMETERY Norfolk Section W, Grave 508

Christmas 1948 Children's party. Crew dressed as pirates.
Source: Ken Palmer

William Shand (front row, far left) with fellow crew members of the RT Mess on HMS Franklin c1944.
The sailor on the right in the coat was Joe Moseley a friend of
William Shand

Source: http://www.ambaile.org.uk

Other Members of the Crew of HMS Franklin



Avery Charles Stoker Petty Officer K63299 17.8.38 - 20.1.41   Source : Mrs Lilian Bowles (daughter)
Bailey R T Tempy Lt   8.12.43   Navy List July 1945
Bates George AB        
Beattie   Leading Survey Recorder       Source: Ken Sheale
Beazley P Lt   1951-52   Survey Ships Assoc
Bostock K SA   1947-48   Survey Ships Assoc http://web.onetel.net.uk/~bosto/page3.html
Braithwaite A PO(SR)   1946-47   Survey Ships Assoc
Brown Charles         Source: Paul Deyes (Grandson)
Cody J J Lt   2.6.39   Navy List Dec 1939 ('Tex' Australian)
Cooke G PO(SR)   1947-49   Survey Ships Assoc
Colley Walter Cook   24.8.44 - 14.2.46  
I have now got my Great Grandad Walter Colley's Navy records, and he was on the H.M.S. Franklin 5 times.
His first time that he was on the HMS Franklin was on the 24th August 1944 as an assistant cook for a day by the looks of it.
Then the second was on the 26th August 1944 to the 8th January 1945 and was still a cook assistant.
The third was then 9th January 145 to 6th December 1945 as an cook.
The fourth was the 7th January 1946 to the 9th January 1946 as a cook.
The fifth was the 15th January 1946 to the 14th February 1946 as a cook.
In between those dates Walter Colley travelled on different ships. But I don't no if he travelled on the HMS Franklin anymore times because the Naval research could not find what ships he travelled on between the 14th February 1946 to the 10th May 1946.
Source: Daniel Stocking, Great Grandson
Connell R H (Commander)   1948-49    
Cumming T Boatswain   1.6.38   Navy List Dec 1939
Fayers Edward (Ted) Andrew Stoker I Class,

Acting Ldg Sto

C/KX 86110 22.3.46 - 4.12.46  
Dad had joined Pembroke 13th May 1935.  Apart from Shore Establishments (Pembroke I , II and Seaborn, Nova Scotia) he served on Scarborough, Pegasus, Sphinx, Sussex, ML170, ML 174, Lookout, Leamington, St Albans, Courier, Marmion, Franklin, Cleopatra, Whirlwind, Obdurate.
At his retirement in 1957 he was CPO Chief Stoker.

Source: Tony Fayers (Son) May 2008

Fletcher A          
Forester 'Tubby' Ldg Stoker       Source: Ken Sheale
Freebairn N A Surg Lt   12.6.39   Navy List Dec 1939
Gratton J C Lt Com
  10.5.45   Navy List July 1945
Glen N C Lt   1943   Survey Ships Assoc
Hall Geoffrey Penrose Dickinson Sub Lt




  Born 19.7.1916
HMS Frobisher 1935
HMS Southampton
HMS Franklin (Sub Lt)
HM Sloop Scarborough 1939
HMS Challenger (Lt) 1941
Staff of a minesweeping squadron 1942
COPP 1943-44
HMS Bigbury Bay 1945-47
HMNZS Lachlan 1947-52 (Lt Cdr)
1952-57 HMSs Franklin, Scott, Owen (Cdr)
Admiralty 1958
HMS Owen 1959-62
Assistant Hydrographer, Admiralty 1963-64 (Captain)
HMS Hecla 1965-70
Hydrographer of the Navy 1971-75 (Rear Admiral)
Retired 1975

DSC Arakan coast 1943
MiD Op.Frippery,N.Sumatra 1944
C.B. 1973
Deputy Lieutenant for Lincolnshire
married Mary Carlisle (WRNS officer) during war (3 children)
Memoir "Sailor's Luck" 1999
Died 18.1.2005

Source: http://www.specialforcesroh.com/browse.php?mode=viewiaward&awardid=372
Herrington P W Tempy Boatswain   29.1.45   Navy List July 1945
Irving Edmund George Lt Cdr
  15.1.44-   Navy List July 1945
Later became Rear Admiral Sir Edmund Irving KBE, CB
(Information from Daniel Stocking, Great Grandson of Walter Colley)
Joubert E E D F Surg Lt   5.9.45   Navy List July 1945
Jones Norman Cook   9.44 - 10.46  

My grandmother has just died and in amongst her possessions was my late grandfather’s Ratings Sheet – he was a cook on the Franklin from September 1944 until October 1945.  His certificate is signed by E G Irving.  My grandfather’s name was Norman Jones.  Unfortunately, he passed away in January 2001
Source: Kerri Simpson, Grandaughter

Larkman Robert C Stoker Mechanic  CKX878188 23.10.49 - 1951   I was called to do my national service in June 49 to Royal Arthur shore base, then on to HMS Raleigh  in July 49,then onto HMS Pembroke, then finally joined HMS Franklin 23-10-49 as a stocker mech until my discharge in 1951.We were tied up in Oban when my discharge papers came through.
We surveyed round the British Isle's and at one time we anchored off Blackpool and went ashore dressed as pirates and plundered the shops (not really) but we did have a great welcome from the locals. I'm 77 this year.There is one incident I won't forget.....that was being late back off weekend leave and missing the liberty boat back to the Franklin. They sent the Captain's launch back for me and I lost three days pay and a weeks liberty.
Source: Robert Larkman Sept 2007
Lowry C C Lt Com   16.10.44   Navy List July 1945
Oom K E Lt Com RAN   23.3.39   Navy List Dec 1939 (See 'Gleaner Crew')
Maguire J     1940-41    
Mason Don Ldg Stoker       Source: Ken Sheale
Mason J Lt
  1.3.45   Navy List July 1945
Miles A LS(SR)   1952   Survey Ships Assoc
Money Hughie         Source: R C Larkman
Mutter J N Lt   30.6.37   Navy List Dec 1939
PALMER Ken AB CJX 827634 23.1.48 - 21.8.49  
As a National serviceman at the time it is interesting to note that I was very lucky to be  a sea going member of Her Majesty's Navy as most joining when I did were confined to shore based establishments .
Our duties at the time  was of course survey work in the Goodwin Sands  area and were based at Sheerness .
 It was during this time that I got married, and now coming up to my 58th wedding anniversary and  another crew man , Able Seaman Ronald Mackinnon ( not sure of the spelling ) was my best man, all I know of this gentleman was he lived in the Scottish Highlands.
Parker A AB(SR)   1952-53   Survey Ships Assoc
Parker Anthony Ldg Stoker CSKX 772349    
I am hoping to find crew that served with my father on HMS FRANKLIN. His name is Anthony Parker service number CSKX 772349.
He was Leading Stoker. Trained at HMS ST GEORGE GOSPORT.

Source: Sallie Parker (daughter)

Pilbeam F P Tempt Wt Eng   15.5.44   Navy List July 1945
Price Hugh Percival Commander   2.41 - 11.5.42    
Ritchie S Lt   1939-42   Survey Ships Assoc
Roe C R K LtCommander   16.1.39, (1950-51)   Navy List Dec 1939
Royds N D Commander   1951    
Sabine Charles Wheatstone Lt Cdr   8.38 - 2.41   Navy List Dec 1939 Commanding Officer http://www.unithistories.com/officers/RN_officersS.html
Shand William     1945   http://www.ambaile.org.uk/en/item/item_audio.jsp?item_id=36351
Sheale Ken Stoker 1st Class   7.10.47 - 15.10.48

13.3.53 - 22.6.53

Joined Franklin on 7 October 1947 rated as Stoker 1st Class.  I was promoted to Acting Leading Stoker on 7 October 1948 and was drafted to Pembroke on the 15th to join the Leading Stokers Course.
        I had a second brief draft to Franklin from 13 March to 22 June 1953 when as a Mechanician I was part of the team putting her into reserve. 
        Looking through the list of names I recognise that of Captain Connell but none of the others.  I can only remember three names from that period, Leading Stokers 'Tubby' Forester and Don Manson and Leading Survey Recorder Beattie. 
The initial year that I spent in Franklin was fairly mundane.  Initially boiler room watchkeeping until the end of the 1947 season then, as the 1948 work was mainly done using the ships boats, the general duties included exciting things like firing the coke boiler for the bathroom hot water.  The temporary transfer to assist in the stores lasted for some months up to the point when I was promoted to Acting Leading Stoker and left the ship. As the First Lieutenant (I regret that his name escapes me) was due to move to the Falklands Islands Dependencies Survey with a couple of the Franklin's Survey Recorders, this also meant that I spent time collecting stores from Chatham Dockyard to be put aside for him. .
Ken Sheale
Short R Engineering Officer       Source: R C Larkman
Simeon   Lt   1946   Survey Ships Assoc
Stokes Henry John Cortland (Commander)   11.5.42 - 15.1.44    
Tallents C W LS(SR)   1944 &
  Survey Ships Assoc
Tripp R T (Commander)   1946-47    
Wells G H Tempy Lt   3.7.45   Navy List July 1945
White A AB   1950-51   Survey Ships Assoc
Wootton A F Paym Com   9.11.39   Navy List Dec 1939


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