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This page contains all the names of crew members that have been found so far. If you can add to the information please contact me.

Crew of HMS Speedy
(Photo Source: David West, son of Roy West, ERA)

Lt.Cdr. John Curthoys Richards, RN April 1939 19 March 1941
Lt. John Geoffrey Brookes, RN
DSC awarded on 24 March 1942
19 March 1941 May 1943
A/Cdr. Andrew Edward Doran, DSC, RN May 1943 ?
A/Lt.Cdr. Wilfred Louis Gerard Dutton, RNR 1 March 1944 ?


Crew Members who lost their lives while serving on HMS Speedy
BURGESS  John  Leading Stoker  P/KX97648 15th May 1943 21  Son of John W Burgess, and of Ellen Burgess, of Stretford, Lancashire MALTA (CAPUCCINI) NAVAL CEMETERY Prot Section (Men's), Plot F, Coll grave 31
CREEK  Roy  Leading Seaman  P/JX136996 18th Dec 1941 24  Son of William and Annie Beatrice Creek, of New Barnet, Hertfordshire.  Died ashore PORTSMOUTH  Panel 92
DEAKIN  John A  Leading Stoker  P/KX 104200 15th May 1943 25  Son of George and May Deakin; husband of Doris Deakin, of Newbold Moor, Derbyshire MALTA (CAPUCCINI) NAVAL CEMETERY Prot Section (Men's), Plot F, Coll grave 32
LEAH  Philip  Electrical Artificer 3rd Class Mentioned in Despatches  P/MX 59865 15th May 1943 24  Son of John Moston Leah and Lilian Leah, of Coventry; husband of Winifred Joan Leah  MALTA (CAPUCCINI) NAVAL CEMETERY Prot Section (Men's), Plot F, Coll grave 32
WILSON  James H  Chief Stoker  P/K63347 15th May 1943 43  Son of James Hendry Wilson and Grace Rankin Wilson; husband of A P Wilson, of Clydebank, Dunbartonshire, Scotland MALTA (CAPUCCINI) NAVAL CEMETERY Prot Section (Men's), Plot F, Coll grave 31

Roy West (left) and Canteen Manager Fred Cossey, November 1942
(Photo Source: David West, son of Roy West, ERA)

Fred Cossey (front right)
(Photo source: Chris Cossey, son)

Fred Cossey (back left)
(Photo source: Chris Cossey, son)

Other Members of the Crew of HMS Speedy



Appleyard  Ted 'Appy'         Ted Appleyard HMS SpeedyPossible photo of Ted Appleyard Source: Catherine Crosby

Ted Appleyard, alias Appy, who was one of two mates that Dad (H S Nussey) used to talk about - the other one was Wally, but I don't know what he looked like. 'Uncle Appy' as I knew him visited us when we lived at East Ardsley - John may just remember as it coincided with a trip to a miniature railway. Mum used to write to his wife, Gwen, and on one of our holidays to Norfolk, we visited her near Spalding.
Astin John - P/MX 535462 Oct 44 35

ADM 101/669

Bambery Colin McIntosh LtCdr, RNZVR       Today I attended the funeral of my sisters father in law,   Colin McIntosh BAMBERY. LtCdr, RNZVR.

Colin left New Zealand before the start of WW2 and got out of Germany just in time while doing his "OE" there.Prior to leaving NZ he was a member of the Royal New Zealand Naval Reserve and upon (luckily) reaching UK he joined the Royal Navy.

He was an electrical engineer by trade (as a civvy) and was soon drafted into that department in the RN.He rose to the Rank of Lieutenant Commander and served for some time on HMS Speedy - during the Atlantic phase of the war I believe?
Source: Gary McLean, Wellington, New Zealand 8.4.08
BARNES Albert W O/Sea - - - http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/ww2/A8430798
Barnfield F A AB C/JX35310 13.10.44 21

ADM 101/669

Blomfield A C B Sub Lt - 6.10.39 - Navy List for Dec 1939
Bracegirdle William Edward L/O P/MX106361 4.11.44 21

ADM 101/669

Brookes John  Geoffrey Lt Cdr - Jan 42 - Mar 43   24th March 1942 DSC Awarded for minesweeping in Northern Waters (London Gazette No. 35495) Helped clear approaches to Malta. (Awarded MBE 1959 New Year Honours)
Brown John William AB JX296083 7.11.44 - 8.01.46  22 I have a record of examinations in gunnery and my grandfather's certificate of service and appears to have joined the Speedy as an ACT AB after serving on 10 other ships. Date of Birth 9.5.22, passed May 2007.
Source: Ian Brown (Grandson)
Cartledge   ERA       Source: Duncan Christison
CHRISTISON Duncan McFarlane PO PJX148085 Jan 42 - Sept 43   Source: Keith Wood (Grandson)
Clarke Jeffrey O/Sea P/JX702371 2.11.44 18 ADM 101/669
Cook W G Sub Lt - 28.11.44 34 ADM 101/669
Cossey Frederick Charles Canteen Manager C/NX 2518     Fred Cossey HMS Speedy
Source: Chris Cossey (son)
Crowden H Tempy Sub Lt - 10.3.44 - Navy List for July 1945
Dobson W J G Tempy Mid - Oct 44 18 Navy List for July 1945, ADM 101/669
Doran A E Lt Cdr - 1942 - -
Duton W L G Lt Cdr - 1.3.44 - Navy List for July 1945
Edney A AB P/KX704020 18.11.44 27 ADM 101/669
Edwards George   MX57334     I think my grandfather may have served on HMS Speedy, his name was George Edwards, service number MX 57334,rank and dates unknown although it was during the war, I think he was involved in looking after the engines/engineer
Source: Andrew Marshall (grandson) Sept 2008
Foreman Frank William John O/Sea JX323755 20.3.42  - 24.9/.3  31

My father, Frank Foreman unfortunately died 40 years ago at the age of 56.    I remember him telling me that when they were on the Russian Convoys the ropes would treble in size with ice and it was a full time job chipping it away.   At least life was warmer on the Malta convoys and he always said he would like to live there permanently.    

Alan Foreman Jan 2009
Findlay G R Tempy Surg Lt - 5.6.44 - Navy List for July 1945
Fooks Johnny PO       Source: Duncan Christison
Fryer R P AB C/JX34822 30.10.44 - ADM 101/669
Green John        

John Green was sitting his School Certificate (the equivalent of today's O levels) at Culford school when war broke out. He completed his Higher School certificate, joined the family business and volunteered for the Royal Navy in 1941.After basic training he joined the Fleet minesweeper H.M.S. Speedy clearing mines off the South and East coasts of the UK

John Green 2006


Harding H Lt - 16.11.39 - Navy List for Dec 1939
Harvey Arthur SPO P/KX 79398 June 44 34 ADM 267/102
Hay James A/O Stwd P/LX730382 10.11.44 18 ADM 101/669
Hine H G L/Sig C/SX31467 5.11.44 - ADM 101/669
Hollingsbee Jack Horace AB LT/JX 281901 8.12.44 20 ADM 101/669
Hyde Geo Wm O/Stwd P/LX61156 12.10.44 44 ADM 101/669
Jackson H E Lt - 2.11.38 - Navy List for Dec 1939
James Arthur Ldg Seaman P/JX140273 20.2.41 - ADM 267/102
Jerome H J A S Acting Cdr - Aug 42 -  
Johnson A F A SPO KX76221     Info from E Bay sale
Jordan M E Tempy Sub Lt - 7.3.45 - Navy List for July 1945
Kennedy Edward Act. Ldg Seaman SBGD 1033 21.3.42 - 18.3.46   Died on 9th March 1986
Lt (SCC) RNR F L R Kennedy Rtd (Son)
Knott   Chief Stoker       Source: Duncan Christison
Lang W H Tempy Wt Eng - 13.12.44 - Navy List for July 1945
Langford P Sto 2 P/KX 663806 Aug 44    ADM 101/669
Lewis Lewis Ernest Chief Motor Mechanic (L) Fourth D/MX 75324    

Source: Awarded DSM - SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 14 JUNE, 1945 - 2971

Also, medals advertised on E Bay in 2008:- "awarded to CH. M. M. (L) 4 L E LEWIS D/MX 75324.The DSM is still in its original box and is correctly engraved which is correct for this 1945 award. London gazette is dated 20/11/1945 and states recipient was from Bargoed, South Wales. It was awarded for HMS SPEEDY which was a minesweeper and it is interesting that the bar on the Atlantic star is France and Germany. Comes with arm badge?? lovely condition. Box has an address inside which states that recipient was living in Sandfields, Port Talbot in later life."


Horace C PO P/JX128125 20.2.41   ADM 267/102
Locker Dennis O/Sea P/JX537866 15.12.44 18 ADM 101/669
Lowson F W Sto 1 P/KX 90248 June 44 26 ADM 101/669
MacPhail F P Tempy Sub Lt   15.3.44   Navy List for July 1945
McFarland H A/SPO C/KX95030 28.12.44   ADM 101/669
Michael R G Tempy Lt   20.12.44   Navy List for July 1945
My father Richard George Michael served on HMS Speedy and I see he is listed as serving on her in December 1944 as a temp Lt. He went on to serve in HMS Myrmidon ( Algerine class) and did a lot of experimental work on minesweepers after the war. He retired shortly after the Spithead review in 1953 as Lt. Commander due to ill health and joined The Regent Oil Co. (now Texaco) and died on 31 August 1963 aged 51.
John Michael Nov 2008
Nasby Laurence O/Sea LT/JX353972 22.11.44 21 ADM 101/669
Nussey Horace Sharp PO P/LX2476 16.8.41 - 31.5.42   HMS Speedy PO Horace NusseyMy father Horace Sharp Nussey served on H.M.S. Speedy from 16th August 1941 to 31st May 1942 and perhaps later as he was injured on board a ship and hospitalised in Malta.  uniform. Sadly he died in April of last year at the marvellous age of 88. I look forward to seeing him added to the crew members list. He would have been very proud.
Catherine Crosby
Nye Leslie N O/Stwd C/LX703255 7.11.44 35 ADM 101/669
Pilkington Thomas AB

P/JX 219033

Jun 44 22 ADM 267/102
Pine William Henry Ldg Seaman PJX212134 1940 -1943  
My name is William Henry Pine, born 1918.  I was a leading seaman on the 'Speedy' 1940-1943. PJX212134.  I was one of the eight injured in the mine explosion of 15th May 1943. I was, at that time a P O's messman, and happened to be making a bread pudding when we hit the mine! I have been reading all the reports on your site and find them fascinating.
Randall C W Cd Eng   23.2.38   Navy List for Dec 1939
Read Carson J Signaller   Mid 1941 - Jan 1942  
My father served on her for a very few months, being recalled to London early 1942, when anybody with a degree was brought home. He worked  in the Admiralty by then, helping to set up training camps round Britain and naming them. Carson J. Read  was a signaller, definitely semaphore, and possibly Morse too. He was so quick and accurate that he must have thought in semaphore. He did not chose to come home of his own accord in spite of the hardships and the hours spent icecutting; there was no choice. He was very sad that some of the men that he had bonded with later died on the ship
Richards J C Lt Cdr   Apr 1939   Lt Cdr J C Richards  HMS Speedy
Navy List for Dec 1939
Riches Frank H Engine Man LT/KX106093 10.10.44 25 ADM 101/669
Rooney Wm D O/Sea P/JX626944 13.11.44 20 ADM 101/669
Rose Douglas AB C/JX193399 24.12.44 26 ADM 101/669
Shankland Peter MacFarlane         Peter Shankland
At the start of the war, my father worked removing mines from the River Thames. At the end of 1941 he went with the Mine Sweeping service to protect an aid convoy going to Murmansk in the Soviet Union. Though an incredible adventure in itself, the next mission in 1942 was to overshadow this. The mine sweeping vessel that my father served in as an officer, HMS Speedy, was ordered to the relief of Malta. My father's interpretation of history was that there was the famous crisis point of 1940 where Britain stood alone, facing possible Nazi invasion. Yet he also stressed that 1942 was also a very dangerous year for the Allied cause. The American entry into the War was not immediately turning the tide against the Axis. The Nazi stranglehold on Europe was still strong, and it was by no means certain that the Soviet Union would survive. A great fear was that Nazi success in North Africa would mean that they could turn their forces to Palestine and ultimately to the oil-producing countries, perhaps even attacking the Soviet Union from the south. The fact that Malta still remained in Allied hands was of great benefit. HMS Speedy was despatched with a convoy to assist the beleaguered island of Malta. Against all odds and much suffering, relief got through. My father's personal recollections were the basis of his first (and most successful) book, co-written with Anthony Hunter, Malta Convoy, published in 1960. Interestingly it was my father's brave and selfless minesweeping activity in newly liberated Belgium in 1944-1945 that led to his MBE award. One of the most interesting anecdotes that he had about the War years was that in June 1944, whilst on leave, he had obtained tickets for the House of Commons public gallery. My father thus found himself present on the day that Winston Churchill announced to the House that the liberation of Europe had begun.


Stevens D ERA 3 C/MX60382 14.10.44   ADM 101/669
Southern Frank O/Stwd

P/LX 571967

June 44 18 ADM 267/102
Thain W Tempy Lt   18.9.44   Navy List for July 1945
Tyrell J AB C/JX125207 23.10.44   ADM 101/669
Ward Arthur AB P/JX273494 16.12.44 37 ADM 101/669
Watson L C Tempy Lt   8.11.39   Navy List for Dec 1939
Webb Eric James Sig P/JX523470 19.11.44 19 ADM 101/669
WEST Roy Jack ERA 1939 -44/45      Source: David West, son of Roy West, ERA
Whitehead G K AB C/JX186538 7.11.44   ADM 101/669
Wilington Percy A. CPO   ?   Source: Edmund Gore (Great Grandson)
Wilson Norman O/Sea C/JX570673 20.10.44 19 ADM 101/669
Winckles L W AB C/S96654 13.12.44 41 ADM 101/669
Wytcherley Fred W Sto 1

P/KX 598878

June 44 19 ADM 267/102

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