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SHARPSHOOTER was originally destined to join the 4th M/S Flotilla, but she was transferred from Portsmouth to Devonport for manning and placed in Reserve at Chatham at 14 days notice, on completion of her trials. (She actually commissioned for trials on 1 Nov 1937 and paid off into Dockyard Control on the 6th; she then commissioned at Devonport on 14 December and, after further trials, she reduced to special complement on 17 December.) 




HMS Sharpshooter 1938 - Halcyon Class Minesweeper 
HMS Sharpshooter 1938


SHARPSHOOTER was originally armed with two 4"HA guns and one quadruple 0.5" Machine Gun mounting. A second quad MG mounting was added later and as the war progressed she underwent the normal armament modifications of her Class. The after 4" gun was removed when two 20mm single Oerlikons were added and later she received two more single 20mm (when both 0.5" mountings were removed). Her final wartime armament comprised one 4"HA, two twin and two single 20mm guns. Her outfit of depth charges was also varied: as a minesweeper she had two depth charge chutes each with two depth charges and when acting as Anti Submarine escort two d/c throwers with 8 depth charges each were added. In 1943 ships of her Class on escort duty had two double depth charge chutes with two depth charges each, two single chutes with one depth charge each and two throwers with 40 depth charges. 

SHARPSHOOTER's Asdic was probably Type 123, and it is most likely that she received Type 271 RDF. Her peace time complement was about 80 officers and men. 

Source: THE WAR OF THE HALCYONS 1939‑1945 R A Ruegg World Ship Society


SHARPSHOOTER recommissioned on 20 Jan 1938 with a Chatham crew ex‑HARRIER, as an independent command in the 1st M/S Flotilla. She then refitted at Sheerness in March/April. From April to July she operated in the Channel and visited south coast ports. After maintenance at Chatham in August, she accompanied the Flotilla on its visit to Fredrikstadt (Oslo Fjord). On 9 September the ships of the Flotilla were brought up to full complement, and for two months they were at their war Station (Scapa Flow) and off the east Scottish coast. (This was the period of the 'Czech Crisis' when the Prime Minister visited Germany and played for time). By the year's end SHARPSHOOTER was at Sheerness. (Ruegg)


HMS Sharpshooter (IWM FL 18955) - Halcyon Class Minesweeper
HMS Sharpshooter (IWM FL18955)

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