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HMS Niger - Halcyon Class Minesweeper
HMS Niger

Date of Arrival


Date of Departure

Orders, Remarks etc (ADM 199/2563)




Laid down at J Samuel White, Cowes. Pennant Number J73








Commissioned. NIGER was to be Devonport‑manned and she was to relieve the old TIVERTON in the 1st M/S Flotilla.

One of the two triple‑expansion engined 'Halcyons', being similar to SALAMANDER, in dimensions and machinery, except that her deep load displacement was given as 1330 tons.
Originally armed with two 4" LA guns, by 1939 she carried two 4" HA and four 0.5" MG. During the war one 4 and the O.5"  were replaced by four 20mm guns. Her depth charge outfit and its wartime changes were also the same as SALAMANDER's. It is not known if NIGER acquired the additional depth charge armament before she was sunk. Her Asdic was probably Type 123 and if RDF was fitted later, it seems probable that it was Type 271 because she carried the Senior Officer of Escorts. Her peace time complement was around 80.

Source: THE WAR OF THE HALCYONS 1939‑1945  R A Ruegg World Ship Society 

Lt. J.M.Hodges was the senior officer; Lt. Cdr. Windsor's appointment was dated 24 June 1936. NIGER performed her sea trials in the Portsmouth‑Portland area and then proceeded to Devonport for adjustments to be made to her gun mountings; other repairs followed in August and December, the latter being completed on 12 Jan.1937.



CLICK HERE for Annual Report  of Minesweeping 1st November 1936 - 31st October 1937

Jan 1938

In Jan 1938 NIGER reduced to 2/5 complement and was taken in hand for refit and re‑arming (HA replaced the LA 4" guns). She then adjusted to full complement at Devonport on 19 April.



CLICK HERE for Annual Report  of Minesweeping 1st November 1937 - 31st October 1938


HMS Niger 1936 - Halcyon Class Minesweeper HMS Niger 1936 - Halcyon Class Minesweeper
HMS Niger 1936
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